Environmental Solutions

eSolved offers a wide range of outreach services to meet your environmental program needs.

Program Types Outreach Methods
Air Quality
Alternative Fuels
Alternative Transportation Modes
Energy Efficiency
Green Building
Integrated Pest Management
Pollution Prevention
Waste Reduction
Advertisements (print, TV and radio)
Direct mail
Flyers, bill inserts
Newsletters, articles
Presentations, displays
Public meetings
Website design, maintenance

Our staff can assist clients with their outreach in several ways:

Program design and implementation: For new or planned programs, we provide comprehensive design planning and implementation. This service includes program design, outreach planning, implementation and continual monitoring of the project. For a given program, we will:

  1. Work with you to determine the appropriate messages/content of the program. Our staff can provide content and messages for any of the areas of specialization listed above.
  2. Develop an outreach plan for the program that includes outreach methods and a timeline for the program.
  3. Create the needed outreach materials (content and graphic design).
  4. Oversee the production of the materials.
  5. Manage the delivery of the materials.
  6. Monitor and assess the success of the outreach plan and materials.

Long-term outreach: For existing programs, we provide long-term outreach assistance. Our staff will work from the materials and information you already have on the program to develop and implement an outreach plan (tasks #2-6 above).

One-time outreach: For seasonal or one-time projects, we will provide an outreach plan that will maximize the exposure through short-term, focused efforts. Depending on your needs, we will perform any of the tasks #2-6 above required.

For most types of projects, eSolved offers either an hourly or one-price fee structure. You can choose the structure that best fits your needs. Discount rates are available for government entities and non-profit organizations. Contact Tammy Fiebelkorn at 505-410-3884 for a free estimate or to discuss your specific needs.