Tammy Fiebelkorn

Tammy Fiebelkorn has been active in the energy industry since 1994. Currently, Ms. Fiebelkorn is the President of eSolved, Inc., an energy and environmental consulting firm. She manages alternative fuel, air quality and outreach projects for clients throughout the U.S. Areas of specialization for Ms. Fiebelkorn include project planning, economic and environmental analysis, project funding, legislative analysis and lobbying and financial management.

Ms. Fiebelkorn was a founder and executive director of the Propane Promotion Consortium, a national alliance of propane companies formed to support and expand the propane vehicle market in the U.S., for several years. In this position, she lead the group's efforts to introduce propane vehicles to the market, including the formation of a partnership between the group and General Motors that lead to the commercialization of a dedicated propane GM van.

She has also served as environmental outreach coordinator for the city of Boulder, Colorado. Her accomplishments in this position include design and implementation of the city's air quality, integrated pest management and business environmental programs as well as the management of an EPA project to increase the level of public knowledge about water quality issues in the area.

Ms. Fiebelkorn was previously the Colorado Coordinator for the Department of Energy's Clean Cities program. In this capacity, she led the three Colorado Clean Cities Coalition to develop their individual markets for alternative fuel as well as the development of a corridor connecting the three groups. Prior to this, she worked extensively as a consultant to utilities, alternative fuel providers and municipalities when employed by Barakat & Chamberlin, Inc. as an Associate and later PG&E Energy Services as Manager of Regulatory Services.

Ms. Fiebelkorn has degrees in Economics and Finance from Louisiana State University as well as a Master's Degree in Environmental Economics from Colorado State University. She is an active member of various professional and community organizations including the Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition, the Boulder County Clean Air Consortium, Boulder Earth Day Committee (chairperson), Denver Electric Vehicle Council (sponsor), Southern Plains Land Trust (board secretary) and The Peaks To Prairie annual art auction (chairperson). She dedicates time to legislative efforts to increase the protection of the environment and animal rights and was instrumental in the passage of ordinances in Boulder and Estes Park, CO that prohibit the exhibition of wild or exotic animals.